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Draw Length Chart Recurve. This can be a little tricky to do so it will likely require help from someone else. Bow length 64 66 68 70 72 max drawlength cx, hex5 and hex6 28.5 29.5 30.5 32 34 recommended drawlength cx, hex5 and hex6 to 28 26 to 29 27 to 30 28 to 31 29 to 33

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Recurve bows come in a variety of sizes, but not all will perform well for every archer. Add 1 ¾ inch and you will have your final measurement. If you’re 5’8” and you think your draw length is.

Add Or Subtract Approximately Two Pounds For Each Inch Your Draw Length Is Over Or Under The 28” Standard.

You can also measure till the point where the arrow sticks out of the riser since this is 1 ¾ inch on most bows. This is why i’m considering a low poundage recurve. It is recommended that your finished arrow be at least 1” longer than the mark you made to establish your draw weight.

This Is Because It’s Possible To Purchase A Bow That Is Too Small Or Too Large.

With a recurve, the best way to find your draw length is to use a measuring arrow. Add 1 ¾ inch and you will have your final measurement. This is measured at your draw length, not by what the bow has written on it.

Draw A Vertical Line On The Tape That Is Directly Above The Pivot Point Of The Grip.

The following chart suggests the best match for draw length to bow length. In order to find your true draw length you must hold the bow and take the measurement between your grip and the nock point. Bow weight will change approximately ±2.5.

Bow Length 64 66 68 70 72 Max Drawlength Cx, Hex5 And Hex6 28.5 29.5 30.5 32 34 Recommended Drawlength Cx, Hex5 And Hex6 To 28 26 To 29 27 To 30 28 To 31 29 To 33

Your draw length is used to determine your actual peak bow weight for recurve bows, and to select the proper draw length setting for compound bows. This refers to the idea that when the bow is pulled all the way back until it “locks” into place, so to speak; This ensures that enough arrow length remains, that an archer does not put themselves in harm’s way, should their bow be slightly overdrawn.

There Is A Correlation Between A Shooter’s Height And Their Draw Length.

Accurately use the selection chart as indicated below. Place a piece of masking tape on your bow just above the arrow rest/shelf. The specs of the bow are 62′ in length 43lbs at the standard 28′ draw, and i have a 29′ draw.

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